Angarki Chaturthi 2025

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  • Angarki Chaturthi 2025
  • Tuesday, 18 March 2025
  • Chaturthi Tithi Start : 17 March 2025 at 07:33 pm
  • Chaturthi Tithi Ends : 18 March 2025 at 10:09 pm

Angarki Chaturthi is a special fasting day for Hindus, observed on Sankashti Chaturthi which falls on Tuesday. This fast is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is also known as 'Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi'. Generally, this fast is observed on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of every lunar month of the Hindu calendar.

Angarki Chaturthi is considered the most auspicious of all Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthis. This day holds special significance for the followers of Marathi culture and the festival is celebrated with great pomp in the western regions of India, especially Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, special arrangements are made in the temples of Lord Ganesha on this day.

'Angarki' means 'red like burnt coal'. Hindu devotees believe that worshipping and fasting for Lord Ganesha on this day fulfills all their wishes. On this day Lord Ganesha blessed Lord Mangal, so the person who observes fast on Angarki Chaturthi receives the blessings of both Lord Ganesha and Lord Mangal, due to which the person leads a satisfied and peaceful life, free from problems.

Significance of Angarki Chaturthi

The significance and rituals of Angarki Chaturthi are mentioned in religious texts like 'Ganesh Puran' and 'Smriti Kaustubh'. Devotees worship Lord Ganesha on this day and seek blessings for a happy and prosperous life. Lord Ganesha is considered the supreme lord of wisdom and the remover of all obstacles. Keeping a fast on Angarki Chaturthi gives the same benefits as keeping Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi throughout the year.

Rituals of Angarki Chaturthi

  • On the day of Angaraki Sankashti Chaturthi, devotees observe a strict fast from morning to evening. They break the fast after seeing the moon at night, praying and worshipping Ganesha. The name of Angaraki Chaturthi is derived from "angaraka" in Sanskrit, which means red like the embers of burning coal. Devotees believe that praying on this auspicious day will fulfill all their wishes.
  • The fast of Sankashti Chaturthi is usually started on the day of "Angarika Sankashti Chaturthi". Angarika Sankashti means liberation in times of distress, so it is believed that observing this fast reduces one's problems. Lord Ganesha is considered the remover of all obstacles and the supreme lord of wisdom. Before the sighting of the moon, 'Ganapati Atharvashirsha' is recited to receive the blessings of Ganesha.
  • On Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi, devotees worship Lord Ganesha with full devotion and dedication, and pray to remove the obstacles in their lives with his grace.

Mythology behind Angarki Chaturthi

Angarki Chaturthi is mentioned in the Upasana section of the Ganesha Purana. According to the legend, Goddess Earth took care of Mangala, the son of Sage Bharadwaj, for seven years and then handed him over to his father. Mangala acquired the knowledge of Vedas and Puranas from his father. He had immense devotion towards Lord Ganesha and wanted to perform penance to get his blessings. Sage Bharadwaj taught him the Ganapati mantra and sent him to meditate on Ganesha.

Mangala performed penance for years, immersed in the devotion of Ganesha. On Magha Krishna Chaturthi (the fourth day between mid-January to mid-February), Lord Ganesha was pleased and blessed Mangala by appearing in his divine form. Ganesha said that he was impressed by Mangala's devotion and gave him the opportunity to ask for a boon.

Mangala said, "O Lord! I wish to drink Amrit with all the gods of heaven. May my name be famous in all the three worlds. Since I saw you on the day of Magh Krishna Chaturthi, this day should be special and the devotees who observe fast for you on this day should get their wishes fulfilled." Ganesha granted her wishes. He further said that from then onwards his name would be Angarak and this day would be celebrated as Angarak or Angarki Chaturthi. Ganesha also ordered that whoever observes fast and worships him on this day will be blessed with wish fulfillment.

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