Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 58

yadā sanharate chāyaṁ kūrmo ’ṅgānīva sarvaśhaḥ
indriyāṇīndriyārthebhyas tasya prajñā pratiṣhṭhitā

One who is able to withdraw the senses from their objects, just as a tortoise withdraws its limbs into its shell, is established in divine wisdom.

Word by Word Meaning:

yadā - when
sanharate - withdraw
cha - and
ayam - this
kūrmaḥ - tortoise
aṅgāni - limbs
iva - as
sarvaśhaḥ - fully
indriyāṇi - senses
indriya-arthebhyaḥ - from the sense objects
tasya - his
prajñā - divine wisdom
pratiṣhṭhitā - fixed in

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