Om Jai Jagadiish Hare Swaami Jai Jagadiish Hare - Shri Jagadish ji ki Aarti

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  • The most popular aarti in the world, Om Jai Jagdish Hare, was written by Pt. Shraddharam Phillauri in 1870. Shri Jagadish Aarti is a devotional ritual in Hinduism dedicated to Lord Jagannath, one of the forms of Lord Vishnu. This Aarti involves the offering of light (usually in the form of a lit lamp or candles) to the deity while singing hymns and expressing devotion. It is performed with great reverence in temples dedicated to Lord Jagannath, especially in the Jagannath Puri temple in Odisha, India. The Aarti seeks to invoke the blessings and divine presence of Lord Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe, and express gratitude and devotion to Him.

Om Jai Jagadiish Hare Swaami Jai Jagadiish Hare |
Bhakta Jano Ke Sankatt, Daas Janon Ke Sankatt, Kssann Me Duur Kare | Om Jai Jagadiish Hare ||

Jo Dhyaave Phal Paave, Duhkh-Bin Se Man Kaa, Swaami Duhkh-Bin Se Man Kaa |
Sukh Sampati Ghar Aave, Sukh Sampati Ghara Aave, Kasstta Mitte Tan Kaa | Om Jai Jagadiisha Hare ||

Maat Pitaa Tum Mere, Sharann Gahuu Kiskii, Swaami Sharann Gahuu Maim Kiskii |
Tum Bin Aur Na Duujaa, Tum Bin Aur Na Duujaa, Aas Karuu Mai Jiskii | Om Jai Jagadiish Hare ||

Tum Puurann Paramaatmaa, Tum Antarayaamii, Swaami Tum Antarayaamii |
Paarabrahma Parameshwar, Paarabrahma Parameshwar, Tum Sab Ke Swaami | Om Jai Jagadiish Hare ||

Tum Karunnaa Ke Saagar, Tum Paalan-Kartaa, Swami Tum Paalan-Kartaa |
Mai Muurakh Phala-Kaamii Mai Sevak Tum Swami, Krpaa Karo Bhartaa | Om Jai Jagadiish Hare ||

Tum Ho Ek Agocar, Sabke Praann-Pati, Swami Sabake Praann-Pati |
Kis Vidh Miluu Dayaamay, Kisa Vidh Miluu Dayaamay, Tumko Mai Kumati | Om Jai Jagadiish Hare ||

Diina-Bandhu Dukh-Hartaa, Thaakur Tuma Mere, Swami Rakssak Tum Mere |
Apne Haath Utthaao, Apne Sharann Lagaao Dwaar Paddaa Tere | Om Jai Jagadiish Hare ||

Vissay-Vikaar Mittaao, Paap Haro Devaa, Swami Paap Haro Devaa |
Shraddhaa Bhakti Baddhaaao, Shraddhaa Bhakti Baddhaaao, Santan Kii Sevaa |
Om Jai Jagadiish Hare ||

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