108 Names of Lord Krishna

108 Names of Lord Krishna

The list comprises 108 divine names of Lord Krishna, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. Each name is associated with a unique quality or aspect of Lord Krishna's divine persona and exploits. These names are recited by devotees as a form of devotion, expressing love and reverence for the beloved Lord. Lord Krishna, often depicted as the dark-complexioned, flute-playing deity, embodies various roles and characteristics that are celebrated through these names.

108 names of Lord Krishna along with their meanings:

  1. Krishna: The Dark-Complexioned One
  2. Keshava: The Slayer of Keshi (a demon)
  3. Murali: The One Who Plays the Flute
  4. Madhava: The Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom
  5. Govinda: The One Who Gives Pleasure to Cows
  6. Madhusudana: The Destroyer of the Demon Madhu
  7. Venugopal: The Protector of Cows
  8. Chaitanya: The Consciousness
  9. Hari: The Remover of Sins
  10. Gopal: The Protector of All Beings
  11. Nandalala: The Beloved Son of Nanda
  12. Yadunandana: The Son of the Yadu Dynasty
  13. Damodara: The One Whose Waist Was Bound with a Rope
  14. Kanha: The Dark-Complexioned Lord
  15. Bala: The Child
  16. Shyam: The Dark-Complexioned One
  17. Parthasarathi: The Charioteer of Arjuna
  18. Dwarakadheesh: The Lord of Dwarka
  19. Vasudev: The Son of Vasudeva
  20. Narayana: The Refuge of All
  21. Radhakrishna: The Divine Couple Radha and Krishna
  22. Govardhanadhari: The Lifter of Govardhan Hill
  23. Giridhari: The Holder of Govardhan Hill
  24. Mohan: The Enchanter
  25. Achyuta: The Infallible One
  26. Janardana: The Liberator of Mankind
  27. Purushottama: The Supreme Person
  28. Sarvapalaka: The Protector of All
  29. Murari: The Slayer of the Demon Mura
  30. Kamalnath: The Lord of Lakshmi
  31. Vrindavanachandra: The Moon of Vrindavan
  32. Gokulananda: The Joy of Gokul
  33. Navanitachora: The Butter Thief
  34. Krishnakanta: The Beloved of Krishna
  35. Girivaradhari: The Holder of Govardhan
  36. Brajesh: The Lord of Braja
  37. Dwarkapati: The Lord of Dwarka
  38. Panduranga: The Lord with a White Robe
  39. Radhanatha: The Lord of Radha
  40. Dvijapriya: The Beloved of Brahmins
  41. Gopijanavallabha: The Beloved of Gopis
  42. Venuvadan: The Flute-Playing Lord
  43. Yashoda Nandana: The Son of Yashoda
  44. Sankarshana: The Attractor
  45. Sridhara: The Possessor of Wealth
  46. Mathuranayaka: The Lord of Mathura
  47. Ranchhod: The One Who Left the Battlefield
  48. Manohara: The Enchanter
  49. Bihari: The One Who Plays
  50. Natkhat: The Mischievous One
  51. Kanhaiya: The Darling of All
  52. Rasik: The Lover of Divine Music
  53. Hrishikesha: The Lord of the Senses
  54. Yogeshwara: The Lord of Yoga
  55. Pandurang: The White-Complexioned Lord
  56. Trilokpati: The Lord of the Three Worlds
  57. Sakshi Gopal: The Witness Lord
  58. Sarveshwara: The Lord of All
  59. Rajeevlochana: The One with Lotus Eyes
  60. Madanamohana: The Enchanter of Cupid
  61. Nandakumara: The Son of Nanda
  62. Ananta: The Endless
  63. Dvarakanatha: The Lord of Dwaraka
  64. Yamunakunjavihari: The Dweller of Yamuna's Banks
  65. Krishna Murari: The Slayer of the Demon Mura
  66. Balakrishna: The Child Krishna
  67. Parabrahma: The Supreme Reality
  68. Kanhaiah: Another Name for Lord Krishna
  69. Narottama: The Best Among Men
  70. Purnachandra: The Full Moon
  71. Mukunda: The Giver of Liberation
  72. Ranchor: The One Who Fled from the Battlefield
  73. Yoginath: The Lord of Yoga
  74. Brajadhipa: The King of Braja
  75. Vatsalyapriya: The Lover of Motherly Love
  76. Nathavara: The Best Among Lords
  77. Raseshwara: The Lord of Divine Love
  78. Kamsanishudana: The Slayer of Kamsa
  79. Girivaradhari: The Holder of Govardhan Hill
  80. Krishna Govinda: The Lord of the World
  81. Yugalakishora: The Divine Youthful Couple
  82. Bhaktavatsala: The Lover of Devotees
  83. Adbhuta Charitra: The One with Amazing Deeds
  84. Pranavallabha: The Beloved of Life
  85. Gopikavallabha: The Beloved of Gopis
  86. Kunjavihari: The Dweller of Gardens
  87. Nandalal: The Beloved Son of Nanda
  88. Radhadhara: The Holder of Radha
  89. Kripalu: The Compassionate One
  90. Giridhari: The Bearer of Govardhan Hill
  91. Vasudeva: The Son of Vasudeva
  92. Devakinandana: The Son of Devaki
  93. Yashodanandana: The Son of Yashoda
  94. Nanakishora: The Youthful Krishna
  95. Vrishabhanuja: The Son of King Vrishabhanu
  96. Navaneetachora: The Butter Thief
  97. Gokulachandra: The Moon of Gokula
  98. Rasabihari: The Enjoyer of Divine Play
  99. Krishna Sundara: The Beautiful Krishna
  100. Yamalarjuna: The Conqueror of Yamala and Arjuna
  101. Rasikendra: The Lord of Divine Taste
  102. Vishvaroopa: The Universal Form
  103. Radha Vallabha: The Bel
  104. Navaneetachora: The Butter Thief
  105. Gokulachandra: The Moon of Gokula
  106. Rasabihari: The Enjoyer of Divine Play
  107. Krishna Sundara: The Beautiful Krishna
  108. Yamalarjuna: The Conqueror of Yamala and Arjuna

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