108 Names of Lord Krishna

The list comprises 108 divine names of Lord Krishna, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. Each name is associated with a unique quality or aspect of Lord Krishna's divine persona and exploits. These names are recited by devotees as a form of devotion, expressing love and reverence for the beloved Lord. Lord Krishna, often depicted as the dark-complexioned, flute-playing deity, embodies various roles and characteristics that are celebrated through these names.

108 names of Lord Krishna along with their meanings:

  1. Krishna: The Dark-Complexioned One
  2. Keshava: The Slayer of Keshi (a demon)
  3. Murali: The One Who Plays the Flute
  4. Madhava: The Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom
  5. Govinda: The One Who Gives Pleasure to Cows
  6. Madhusudana: The Destroyer of the Demon Madhu
  7. Venugopal: The Protector of Cows
  8. Chaitanya: The Consciousness
  9. Hari: The Remover of Sins
  10. Gopal: The Protector of All Beings
  11. Nandalala: The Beloved Son of Nanda
  12. Yadunandana: The Son of the Yadu Dynasty
  13. Damodara: The One Whose Waist Was Bound with a Rope
  14. Kanha: The Dark-Complexioned Lord
  15. Bala: The Child
  16. Shyam: The Dark-Complexioned One
  17. Parthasarathi: The Charioteer of Arjuna
  18. Dwarakadheesh: The Lord of Dwarka
  19. Vasudev: The Son of Vasudeva
  20. Narayana: The Refuge of All
  21. Radhakrishna: The Divine Couple Radha and Krishna
  22. Govardhanadhari: The Lifter of Govardhan Hill
  23. Giridhari: The Holder of Govardhan Hill
  24. Mohan: The Enchanter
  25. Achyuta: The Infallible One
  26. Janardana: The Liberator of Mankind
  27. Purushottama: The Supreme Person
  28. Sarvapalaka: The Protector of All
  29. Murari: The Slayer of the Demon Mura
  30. Kamalnath: The Lord of Lakshmi
  31. Vrindavanachandra: The Moon of Vrindavan
  32. Gokulananda: The Joy of Gokul
  33. Navanitachora: The Butter Thief
  34. Krishnakanta: The Beloved of Krishna
  35. Girivaradhari: The Holder of Govardhan
  36. Brajesh: The Lord of Braja
  37. Dwarkapati: The Lord of Dwarka
  38. Panduranga: The Lord with a White Robe
  39. Radhanatha: The Lord of Radha
  40. Dvijapriya: The Beloved of Brahmins
  41. Gopijanavallabha: The Beloved of Gopis
  42. Venuvadan: The Flute-Playing Lord
  43. Yashoda Nandana: The Son of Yashoda
  44. Sankarshana: The Attractor
  45. Sridhara: The Possessor of Wealth
  46. Mathuranayaka: The Lord of Mathura
  47. Ranchhod: The One Who Left the Battlefield
  48. Manohara: The Enchanter
  49. Bihari: The One Who Plays
  50. Natkhat: The Mischievous One
  51. Kanhaiya: The Darling of All
  52. Rasik: The Lover of Divine Music
  53. Hrishikesha: The Lord of the Senses
  54. Yogeshwara: The Lord of Yoga
  55. Pandurang: The White-Complexioned Lord
  56. Trilokpati: The Lord of the Three Worlds
  57. Sakshi Gopal: The Witness Lord
  58. Sarveshwara: The Lord of All
  59. Rajeevlochana: The One with Lotus Eyes
  60. Madanamohana: The Enchanter of Cupid
  61. Nandakumara: The Son of Nanda
  62. Ananta: The Endless
  63. Dvarakanatha: The Lord of Dwaraka
  64. Yamunakunjavihari: The Dweller of Yamuna's Banks
  65. Krishna Murari: The Slayer of the Demon Mura
  66. Balakrishna: The Child Krishna
  67. Parabrahma: The Supreme Reality
  68. Kanhaiah: Another Name for Lord Krishna
  69. Narottama: The Best Among Men
  70. Purnachandra: The Full Moon
  71. Mukunda: The Giver of Liberation
  72. Ranchor: The One Who Fled from the Battlefield
  73. Yoginath: The Lord of Yoga
  74. Brajadhipa: The King of Braja
  75. Vatsalyapriya: The Lover of Motherly Love
  76. Nathavara: The Best Among Lords
  77. Raseshwara: The Lord of Divine Love
  78. Kamsanishudana: The Slayer of Kamsa
  79. Girivaradhari: The Holder of Govardhan Hill
  80. Krishna Govinda: The Lord of the World
  81. Yugalakishora: The Divine Youthful Couple
  82. Bhaktavatsala: The Lover of Devotees
  83. Adbhuta Charitra: The One with Amazing Deeds
  84. Pranavallabha: The Beloved of Life
  85. Gopikavallabha: The Beloved of Gopis
  86. Kunjavihari: The Dweller of Gardens
  87. Nandalal: The Beloved Son of Nanda
  88. Radhadhara: The Holder of Radha
  89. Kripalu: The Compassionate One
  90. Giridhari: The Bearer of Govardhan Hill
  91. Vasudeva: The Son of Vasudeva
  92. Devakinandana: The Son of Devaki
  93. Yashodanandana: The Son of Yashoda
  94. Nanakishora: The Youthful Krishna
  95. Vrishabhanuja: The Son of King Vrishabhanu
  96. Navaneetachora: The Butter Thief
  97. Gokulachandra: The Moon of Gokula
  98. Rasabihari: The Enjoyer of Divine Play
  99. Krishna Sundara: The Beautiful Krishna
  100. Yamalarjuna: The Conqueror of Yamala and Arjuna
  101. Rasikendra: The Lord of Divine Taste
  102. Vishvaroopa: The Universal Form
  103. Radha Vallabha: The Bel
  104. Navaneetachora: The Butter Thief
  105. Gokulachandra: The Moon of Gokula
  106. Rasabihari: The Enjoyer of Divine Play
  107. Krishna Sundara: The Beautiful Krishna
  108. Yamalarjuna: The Conqueror of Yamala and Arjuna

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