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Nestled at the confluence of the Koka and Koshi rivers in Barahakshetra, Sunsari, within the Koshi Province of Nepal, Barahachhetra stands as a revered pilgrimage site deeply intertwined with Hindu and Kirat traditions. This sacred locale, alternatively known as Barahakshetra or Varahakshetra, boasts a rich history dating back to antiquity, as chronicled in revered Puranas like the Brahma Purana, Varaha Purana, and Skanda Purana. Its prominence is further accentuated by its mention and glorification in the epic Mahabharata.

Ancient Abode of Varah: A Char Dham Gem

Barahachhetra is a key pilgrimage destination and is part of the esteemed Char Dham circuit in Nepal. Located approximately 5 km northwest of Dharan in Sunsari district, this hallowed site underwent reconstruction in 1991 BS (Bikram Sambat), led by Juddha Shamsher. This restoration effort followed the temple's demolition during the earthquake of 1990 BS. The temple complex comprises nine temples, including dedicated shrines to Laxmi, Panchayan, Guruvarah, Suryavarah, Kokawarah, and Nageshwar, along with numerous hospices. Remarkably, statues over 1500 years old have been discovered within this sacred precinct.

Char Dham Festivities: A Continuous Celebration

Barahachhetra welcomes pilgrims throughout the year, becoming an exuberant center of festivities, especially during Kartik Purnima and Makar Sakranti. Devotees from India often embark on their pilgrimage during Kartik Purnima, while those from hilly Nepal favor visits during Makar Sakranti. The site also experiences a continuous flow of pilgrims during various auspicious occasions such as Rishi Panchami, Byas Panchami, Fagu Purnima, and other Ekadashis, creating an ambiance akin to a perpetual festival.

The Divine Tale of Varaha: Protector of Earth

According to legend, Lord Vishnu assumed the incarnation of Varaha, using his long tusk to safeguard the earth from submersion into the Patala (underworld). Following this divine feat, Lord Vishnu, accompanied by his consort Laxmi, chose the banks of the Koshi River amidst the Himalayas and hills as their abode. The name "Barahachhetra" was bestowed upon the place in commemoration of this sacred event. A magnificent and awe-inspiring image of the Baraha incarnation of Lord Vishnu graces the temple, symbolizing the divine protection bestowed upon the earth.

Kumbha Mela: Confluence of Spirituality

Barahachhetra holds the distinction of being recognized as the World's Fifth Destination of Kumbha Mela. This sacred event, organized every twelve years, has been a recurring tradition since 2058 B.S. in Chataradham, Sunsari. The second edition unfolded in 2070 B.S., lasting for a month and attracting over 600,000 devotees for the sacred Kumbha Asnan in the Koshi River.

Embark on a spiritual journey to Barahachhetra, where the confluence of ancient traditions, architectural splendor, and divine energy awaits. Experience the timeless allure of this sacred site, where the past seamlessly intertwines with the present, creating an enduring legacy of faith, culture, and celebration.

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