Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 6

karmendriyāṇi sanyamya ya āste manasā smaran
indriyārthān vimūḍhātmā mithyāchāraḥ sa uchyate

Those who restrain the external organs of action, while continuing to dwell on sense objects in the mind, certainly delude themselves and are to be called hypocrites.


Word by Word Meaning:

karma-indriyāṇi - the organs of action
sanyamya - restrain
yaḥ - who
āste - remain
manasā - in the mind
smaran - to remember
indriya-arthān - sense objects
vimūḍha-ātmā - the deluded
mithyā-āchāraḥ - hypocrite
saḥ - they
uchyate - are called

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