Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 2

vyāmiśhreṇeva vākyena buddhiṁ mohayasīva me
tad ekaṁ vada niśhchitya yena śhreyo ’ham āpnuyām

My intellect is bewildered by your ambiguous advice. Please tell me decisively the one path by which I may attain the highest good.

Word by Word Meaning:

vyāmiśhreṇa iva - by your apparently ambiguous
vākyena - words
buddhim - intellect
mohayasi - I am getting bewildered
iva - as it were
me - my
tat - therefore
ekam - one
vada - please tell
niśhchitya - decisively
yena - by which
śhreyaḥ - the highest good
aham - I
āpnuyām - may attain

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