Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 5

na hi kaśhchit kṣhaṇam api jātu tiṣhṭhatyakarma-kṛit
kāryate hyavaśhaḥ karma sarvaḥ prakṛiti-jair guṇaiḥ

There is no one who can remain without action even for a moment. Indeed, all beings are compelled to act by their qualities born of material nature (the three guṇas).

Word by Word Meaning:

na - not
hi - certainly
kaśhchit - anyone
kṣhaṇam - a moment
api - even
jātu - ever
tiṣhṭhati - can remain
akarma-kṛit - without action
kāryate - are performed
avaśhaḥ - helpless
karma - work
sarvaḥ - all
prakṛiti-jaiḥ - born of material nature
guṇaiḥ - by the qualities


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