Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 4

na karmaṇām anārambhān naiṣhkarmyaṁ puruṣho ’śhnute
na cha sannyasanād eva siddhiṁ samadhigachchhati

 One cannot achieve freedom from karmic reactions by merely abstaining from work, nor can one attain perfection of knowledge by mere physical renunciation.

Word by Word Meaning:

na - not
karmaṇām - of actions
anārambhāt - by abstaining from
naiṣhkarmyam - freedom from karmic reactions
puruṣhaḥ - a person
aśhnute - attains
cha - and
sannyasanāt - by renunciation
eva - only
siddhim - perfection
samadhigachchhati - attains

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