Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 39

āvṛitaṁ jñānam etena jñānino nitya-vairiṇā
kāma-rūpeṇa kaunteya duṣhpūreṇānalena cha

 The knowledge of even the most discerning gets covered by this perpetual enemy in the form of insatiable desire, which is never satisfied and burns like fire, O son of Kunti.

Word by Word Meaning:

āvṛitam - covered
jñānam - knowledge
etena - by this
jñāninaḥ - of the wise
nitya-vairiṇā - by the perpetual enemy
kāma-rūpeṇa - in the form of desires
kaunteya - Arjun the son of Kunti
duṣhpūreṇa - insatiable
analena - like fire
cha - and


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