Nagnechya Mata Temple - Jodhpur Rajasthan

Important information

  • Address: Maderana Colony, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342006
  • Timings : 05:00 am to 12:00 pm and 05:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
  • Nearest Railway Station:  Jodhpur Railway Station, Ratanada, which is around 6.3 km away from the Nagnechi Mata Temple.
  • Nearest Airpurt:  Jodhpur Airport, which is around 9 km away from the Nagnechi Mata Temple.
  • Did you know : Nagnechaya's mother was the Kuldevi of the Rathor ruler of Jodhpur.

Nagnechya Mata Temple holds a special place in Hinduism. Nagnechaya Mata was the family goddess of the Rathore ruler of Jodhpur. Even today in Jodhpur many families are worshiped in the form of Kul Devi. The temple of Nagnechya Mata is located in Nagana village of Jodhpur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Nagnechya Mata is known as Chakreshwari, Ratheshwari Mata. This temple is situated at a distance of about 96 kilometers from Jodhpur. According to ancient religious and historical texts, Rao Dhuhad (Vikram Samvat 1349–1366), grandson of Rao Sinha (founder of the Rathore kingdom in Marwar) first installed the idol of this goddess and built the temple.

The wood of neem tree is not used in many places of Jodhpur. That is why the place of Nagnechya Devi is considered below the Neem tree, hence the Neem tree was respected in Jodhpur and its wood was not used.

Popular history of Nagnechya Mata Temple

Rao Dhuhad had gone to his maternal grandmother's house in his childhood. He got stung by some words of his maternal uncle, due to which Rao Dhuhad had decided to bring the idol of his Kuldevi. Rao Dhuhad did not know who is his Kuldevi? Where is his statue? To please the goddess, to answer all these questions, he did penance and the goddess was pleased with the penance of a child. Devi told Rao Dhuhad that your Kuldevi is Chakreshwari Mata. The idol of Chakreshwari Devi is in Karnataka.

The idol of Nagnechya Mata was brought from Karnataka

Raja Rao Dhuhad went to Karnataka state of South and brought the idol of Chakreshwari which was his Kuldevi. The idol of Mata was installed in Nagana village, about 7 miles from Pachpadra, which later became famous as Devi Nagnechi.

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