Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 6

ajo ’pi sannavyayātmā bhūtānām īśhvaro ’pi san
prakṛitiṁ svām adhiṣhṭhāya sambhavāmyātma-māyayā

Although I am unborn, the Lord of all living entities, and have an imperishable nature, yet I appear in this world by virtue of Yogmaya, my divine power.

Word by Word Meaning:

ajaḥ - unborn
api - although
san - being so
avyaya ātmā - Imperishable nature
bhūtānām - of (all) beings
īśhvaraḥ - the Lord
san - being
prakṛitim - nature
svām - of myself
adhiṣhṭhāya - situated
sambhavāmi - I manifest
ātma-māyayā - by my Yogmaya power



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