Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 27

sarvāṇīndriya-karmāṇi prāṇa-karmāṇi chāpare
ātma-sanyama-yogāgnau juhvati jñāna-dīpite

Some, inspired by knowledge, offer the functions of all their senses and their life energy in the fire of the controlled mind.

Word by Word Meaning:

sarvāṇi - all
indriya - the senses
karmāṇi - functions
prāṇa-karmāṇi - functions of the life breath
cha - and
apare - others
ātma-sanyama yogāgnau - in the fire of the controlled mind
juhvati - sacrifice
jñāna-dīpite - kindled by knowledge

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