Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5, Verse 02

śhrī bhagavān uvācha
sannyāsaḥ karma-yogaśh cha niḥśhreyasa-karāvubhau
tayos tu karma-sannyāsāt karma-yogo viśhiṣhyate

Meaning: The Supreme Lord said: Both the path of karm sanyās (renunciation of actions) and karm yog (working in devotion) lead to the supreme goal. But karm yog is superior to karm sanyās.

Word by Word Meaning:

śhrī-bhagavān uvācha—the Supreme Lord said;
karma-yogaḥ—working in devotion;
niḥśhreyasa-karau—lead to the supreme goal;
tayoḥ—of the two;
karma-sanyāsāt—renunciation of actions;
karma-yogaḥ—working in devotion;
viśhiṣhyate—is superior

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