Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 23

gata-saṅgasya muktasya jñānāvasthita-chetasaḥ
yajñāyācharataḥ karma samagraṁ pravilīyate

They are released from the bondage of material attachments and their intellect is established in divine knowledge. Since they perform all actions as a sacrifice (to God), they are freed from all karmic reactions.

Word by Word Meaning:

gata-saṅgasya - free from material attachments
muktasya - of the liberated
jñāna-avasthita - established in divine knowledge
chetasaḥ - whose intellect
yajñāya - as a sacrifice (to God)
ācharataḥ - performing
karma - action
samagram - completely
pravilīyate - are freed

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