The glory of chanting the name of God

Once someone asked Tulsi Das ji - 'Sometimes he does not feel like doing devotion, yet he sits down to chant the name, does he get any fruit'?

Tulsi Das ji smiled and said -

Tulasi mere raam ko reejh bhajo ya kheej।
Bhaum pada jaame sabhee ulta seedha beej।।

That is, when the seeds are sown in the ground, it is not seen that the seeds are lying upside down or straight, but even then the crop is formed, in the same way, no matter how the name Sumiran is done, the fruit of its Sumiran is definitely received.

The name of God should always be chanted. It is not necessary that the name of God should be spoken aloud through the mouth, even by meditating in one's mind one can chant the name of Lord Rama, Sri Krishna or Jagat Guru Lord Shiva etc. Taking the name of God in any circumstance can solve all the problems.

The glory of chanting and chanting is so great that the praise of chanting the name of God has been sung in all the Vedas and Puranas. The name of God is taken by targeting the particular Deity of God. How long has he been absorbed in the five elements, yet it is the sentiment of the devotee and the promise of the scriptures that chanting the names of Rama, Krishna, Sri Hari and Shiva etc. gives infinite results.

It is believed that chanting the name of God in Kaliyuga can end all suffering. No matter how one performs chanting in the name of God, the fruit is definitely received. The glory of Lord Rama is infinite, by chanting the name of Rama one attains salvation in Kaliyuga. In this way the glory of the name of Shri Hari also infinite. The glory of the name of Srihari

Ye Vadanti nara nityan harirityaksharadvayam।
Tasyochchaaranamaatren vimuktaaste na sanshayah।।

That is, those who utter the name of the two syllable 'Hari' of God, they become free from its mere utterance, there is no doubt about it.

Similarly -

Hare Ram! Hare krshna! krshn! krshneti mangalam।
Evam vadanti ye nityan na hi taane badhate kalih।।

That is, Hare Rama! Hare Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Those who always say such things, no harm can be done to them in Kaliyuga.

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