Bhimkund - Madhya Pradesh

Important information

  • Address : Bhimkund, Madhya Pradesh 471311.
  • Nearest Railway Station:  Chhatarpur Railway station at a distance of nearly 77 kilometres from Bhimkund.
  • Nearest Airport : Khajuraho Airport at a distance of nearly 92 kilometres from Bhimkund.
  • By Road: Bhim Kund is about 70 km away from its district center Chhatarpur. It is well connected by roads to various cities of India like Delhi, Bhopal. National Highway 86 connects it to the state capital Bhopal.
  • Did kyou know: It is said that there was a tsunami in India on 26 December 2004, then there was upheaval in the water of this pool.

Bhimkund is a natural pool located in Bajna village of Chhatarpur district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Bhimkund is also known as Neelkund and Narad Kund. As it's name suggests 'Bhimkund', Bhima was one of the Pandavas. Bhimkund is a natural and holy water source, it is also considered a holy place in Hindu religion, which is from Mahabharata period.

The water of the kund is so clear and transparent that one can clearly see the fishes swimming in the water. The kund is situated in a cave at a distance of about 3 meters from the mouth. There is a small Shivling on the left side of the entrance. The pool is of deep blue color which contrasts with the red stone walls.

Specialty of Bhimkund

Bhimkund has its own specialty due to which this kund is different from other kunds. The first feature of Bhimkund that makes it different is that the color of this water is blue. The second feature, till date the depth of this kund is not known.

It is said that there was a tsunami in India on 26 December 2004, then there was upheaval in the water of this pool.

Legend associated with Kund

It is believed that the Pandavas were passing through this during their exile. Draupadi fainted due to thirst and fatigue. The most powerful of the Pandavas was Bhima, Bhima struck the ground with his gada and water gushed out and came into existence in the form of a pool.

There is a small opening on the roof of the cave just above the kund. It is said to be the place where Bhima struck with his mace.

Another legend has it that the Vedic sage Narada composed the Gandharva Gaanam (divine song) in praise of Lord Vishnu. Pleased by their devotion, Vishnu came out of the kunda and the water turned blue because of Vishnu's dark complexion. The depth of this water body is still unknown and a mystery.


Why is Bhimkund so famous?

Bhimkund famous for the color of this water is blue. 

What is the mystery of Bhimkund Madhya Pradesh?

Another mysterious aspect of the kund is that normally, when a person dies underwater, then the body floats above the surface of the water, but Bhimkund has a different phenomenon. Once the body drowned in this kund, it never floats back up; and the body can be never found again.

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