Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 45

aho bata mahat pāpaṁ kartuṁ vyavasitā vayam
yad rājya-sukha-lobhena hantuṁ sva-janam udyatāḥ

Alas! How strange it is that we have set our mind to perform this great sin. Driven by the desire for kingly pleasures, we are intent on killing our own kinsmen. 

Word by Word Meaning:

aho - alas
bata - horrible results
mahat - great
pāpam - sins
kartum - to perform
vyavasitāḥ - have decided
vayam - we
yat - because
rājya-sukha-lobhena - driven by the desire for kingly pleasure
hantum - to kill
sva-janam - kinsmen
udyatāḥ - intending


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