Karwa Chauth 2024

Important information

  • Karwa Chauth 2024
  • Sunday, 20 October 2024
  • Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat : 05:46 PM to 07:02 PM
  • Karwa Chauth Vrat Time : 06:25 AM to 05:54 PM
  • Moonrise on Karwa Chauth Day : 07:54 PM
  • Chaturthi Tithi Begins - 20 October 2024 at 06:64 AM
  • Chaturthi Tithi Ends - 21 October 2024 at 04:16 AM
  • Begins: Fourth day of the waning moon fortnight (Krishna paksha) in the month of Kartik

Karwa Chauth is considered to be a very special day in the life of a married woman. It is a one day festival in which married women observe fast from sunrise to moonrise with much fervor and gaiety. The day falls on the fourth day of Kartik month in Hindu calendar, about nine days before Diwali in the month of either October or November. On this day, the married women specially pray to Goddess Gauri (Parvati) seeking the well-being, prosperity and safety of their husband.

The preparations of Karwa Chauth begin well in advance. Women buy special ornaments and dresses for this special occasion. On this day, married women get up early in the morning before sunrise and pray for the longevity and prosperity of their husbands. They then take a special meal called as Sargi, which consists of grains, sweets and fruits, generally given by women's mother in law.

Their fast begins at sunrise. On this special occasion, women dress up in beautiful traditional attires like sari, lehenga, salwar-kameez etc. They also adorn themselves with bangles, bindis on forehead and decorate their hands with hennas. The fast continues throughout the day until moonrise.

In the evening, married women gather at some common place or temple where Karwa puja is performed. They form a circle and carry plate or thali filled with chandan, kumkum, rice, pot of water and earthen lamp. An idol of Goddess Gauri and an earthen pitcher are placed in the centre of the circle where women are seated. During the puja, the elders narrate the stories of Karwa Chauth and women sing songs relating to Karwa Chauth . After the puja ceremony, they return to their home and start waiting for moon to rise.

When moon appears, women take a look at the moon through a sieve and worship the moon. They then look at their husbands through the same sieve and pray for his long life. The husband then offers her water and sweet to break her fast. This is then followed by sumptuous dinner.

Karva Chauth Fast Story:

Karva Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month is fasted on Karva Chauth. This is the main festival of women. Suhagin women observe this fast for their husband's longevity.

A moneylender had seven boys and a girl. His daughter-in-law and daughter, including Sethani, had fasted for Karva Chauth. When the moneylender's boys started eating food, they asked their sister for food. On this the sister replied - Brother! The moon has not yet come out. I will give food after giving it. After listening to the sister, what did the brothers do that they went out in the city and lit a fire and while going through the sieve, showing light from them, they told the sister - sister! read more


When is Karwa Chauth in 2024?

The festival of Karva Chauth is Sunday 20 October 2024.

When is the Muhurta for Karwa Chauth Puja 2024?

Karwa Chauth will start on Sunday, 20 October 2024, morning at 06:25 am and will continue till 07:54 pm. On this day the moon rise time is at 07:54 pm. The auspicious time for worship will be on 20 October from 05:46 PM to 07:02 PM.

Why is Karwa Chauth fasting?

Married women observe a fast for the longevity and prosperity of their husbands.

Who is worshiped on the day of Karwa Chauth?

Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are worshipped. Women break the fast only after seeing the moon.

What is the moonrise time on karwa chauth 2024?

Moonrise time on karwa chauth is 07:54 pm.

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