Shravan Purnima 2024

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  • Shravan Purnima 2024, Narali or Narayali Purnima, Avani Avittam, Kajari Poonam, Pavitropana and Kushanbhavpur Day
  • Monday, 19 August 2024
  • Full Moon Date Start - 19 August 2026 at 03:04 AM
  • Full Moon Date Ends - 19 August 2026 at 11:55 PM

The full moon of Shravan month is a special day for Hindus. The month of Shravan and Sawan is a very special month in Hindu religion. The month of Sawan is also very dear to Lord Krishna, so the month of Sawan is special and the full moon of the month of Sawan and Shravan is very special. According to the English calendar, it comes in July or August.

In India, the full moon of Shravan month is worshiped and known by different names. Shravan Purnima is celebrated as Narali and Narayali Purnima and Avani Avittam in South India, Kajari Poonam in Central India, Raksha Bandhan in North India and Pavitopana in Gujarat. This diversity of our festivals is the hallmark of the uniqueness of India.

Narali Purnima

It is a ceremonial day celebrated by Hindu fishing communities in the southern Indian state of Maharashtra, especially around Mumbai and the Konkan Coast. It is held on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan. On this day offerings like rice, flowers and coconuts are offered to Lord Varuna, the god of sea and water.

The sea is the only base for the people living on the Western Ghats. This is the time of the return of monsoon, due to which the sea is also calm. Fishermen decorate their boats and bring them to the shore of the sea. Varuna prays by offering coconut to the deity so that his life is well lived.

Coconut is offered because it is considered a symbol of Shiva because of the three eyes of the coconut. Offering coconut to God before starting any work in our country is the most popular way to seek his blessings and thank him.

Avani Avittam

The Brahmins of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa and Maharashtra who study Yajurveda celebrate this day as Avani Avittam. Mahasankalpa is taken by Brahmins on this day to get rid of old sins. The brahmins wear a new Yagyopaveet after taking a bath.

Undertaking means beginning. From this day Yajurvedi Brahmins start reading Yajurveda for the next six months. This day is also important because according to Indian myths, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Hayagriva, the god of knowledge, on this day.

Kajari Purnima

Kajari Purnima is celebrated in Central India especially in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and some parts of Uttar Pradesh. Its preparation starts from the ninth day of Shravan Amavasya i.e. Kajari Navami. This festival is celebrated by daughter-in-law women. On the day of Kajari Navami, women bring earth from the field in pots of tree leaves. Barley is sown in it.

On the day of Kajari Purnima, all the women take out a procession with these barley on their heads and immerse them in a nearby pond or river. Women fast on this day and pray for the long life of their son.


In Gujarat, worship of Lord Shiva is done with great enthusiasm. Offering water to Lord Shiva on Shravan Purnima is considered very special and Shiva is also worshiped on this day. As part of Pavitopana, cotton wicks are dipped in Panchgavya (cow's ghee, milk, curd etc.) and offered to Shiva.

Kushanbhavpur Day

In Ayodhya and Prayagraj, Kushanbhavpur day is celebrated as Shravan Purnima. In ancient times Sultanpur was known as Kushanbhavpur Day and it is here that Shravan Purnima was celebrated as Kushanbhavpur Day.

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