Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 28

dravya-yajñās tapo-yajñā yoga-yajñās tathāpare
swādhyāya-jñāna-yajñāśh cha yatayaḥ sanśhita-vratāḥ

Some offer their wealth as sacrifice, while others offer severe austerities as sacrifice. Some practice the eight-fold path of yogic practices, and yet others study the scriptures and cultivate knowledge as sacrifice, while observing strict vows.

Word by Word Meaning:

dravya-yajñāḥ - offering one’s own wealth as sacrifice
tapaḥ-yajñāḥ - offering severe austerities as sacrifice
yoga-yajñāḥ - performance of eight-fold path of yogic practices as sacrifice
tathā - thus
apare - others
swādhyāya - cultivating knowledge by studying the scriptures
jñāna-yajñāḥ - those offer cultivation of transcendental knowledge as sacrifice
cha - also
yatayaḥ - these ascetics
sanśhita-vratāḥ - observing strict vows

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