Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 30

apare niyatāhārāḥ prāṇān prāṇeṣhu juhvati
sarve ’pyete yajña-vido yajña-kṣhapita-kalmaṣhāḥ

Yet others curtail their food intake and offer the breath into the life-energy as sacrifice. All these knowers of sacrifice are cleansed of their impurities as a result of such performances.

Word by Word Meaning:

apare - others
niyata - having controlled
āhārāḥ - food intake
prāṇān - life-breaths
prāṇeṣhu - life-energy
juhvati - sacrifice
sarve - all
api - also
ete - these
yajña-vidaḥ - knowers of sacrifices
yajña-kṣhapita - being cleansed by performances of sacrifices
kalmaṣhāḥ - of impurities


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