Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Shlok-17

karmaṇo hyapi boddhavyaṁ boddhavyaṁ cha vikarmaṇaḥ
akarmaṇaśh cha boddhavyaṁ gahanā karmaṇo gatiḥ

 You must understand the nature of all three—recommended action, wrong action, and inaction. The truth about these is profound and difficult to understand.

Word by Word Meaning:

karmaṇaḥ - recommended action
hi - certainly
api - also
boddhavyam - should be known
boddhavyam - must understand
cha - and
vikarmaṇaḥ - forbidden action
akarmaṇaḥ - inaction
cha - and
boddhavyam - must understand
gahanā - profound
karmaṇaḥ - of action
gatiḥ - the true path


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