Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 27

tān samīkṣhya sa kaunteyaḥ sarvān bandhūn avasthitān
kṛipayā parayāviṣhṭo viṣhīdann idam abravīt

Seeing all his relatives present there, Arjun, the son of Kunti, was overwhelmed with compassion, and with deep sorrow, spoke the following words.

Word by Word Meaning:

tān - these
samīkṣhya - on seeing
saḥ - they
kaunteyaḥ - Arjun, the son of Kunti
sarvān - all
bandhūn - relatives
avasthitān - present
kṛipayā - by compassion
parayā - great
āviṣhṭaḥ - overwhelmed
viṣhīdan - deep sorrow
idam - this 
abravīt - spoke

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