Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 64

rāga-dveṣha-viyuktais tu viṣhayān indriyaiśh charan
ātma-vaśhyair-vidheyātmā prasādam adhigachchhati

But one who controls the mind, and is free from attachment and aversion, even while using the objects of the senses, attains the Grace of God.

Word by Word Meaning:

rāga - attachment
dveṣha - aversion
viyuktaiḥ - free
tu - but
viṣhayān - objects of the senses
indriyaiḥ - by the senses
charan - while using
ātma-vaśhyaiḥ - controlling one’s mind
vidheya-ātmā - one who controls the mind
prasādam - the Grace of God
adhigachchhati - attains


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