ISKCON Temple Noida

ISKCON Temple Noida is a Hindu and Vaishnava temple, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radharani. This temple is located in Agrasen Marg, Noida Sector-33, Uttar Pradesh. The maintenance of this temple is done by the ISKCON organisation. Lord Krishna and Radha Rani have a very beautiful statue in the temple. In the beginning of the temple, a very beautiful statue has been created, gave knowledge of gita by Lord Shri krishna to arjun, which makes this temple special.

ISKCON Temple Noida's temple is built on a small plot, so the temple has been constructed ‘go vertical’ to accommodate all of the specific elements of a temple. The temple is seven storey building and height of the temple is about 160 feet.

The ISKCON Temple of Noida has a big temple hall, an auditorium, a guest house, a restaurant, a hall for the wedding and birthday celebrations, the hall for education, a kitchen and bedroom in a residential wing. Temple shops, offices and halls are ready for use.

ISKCON Temple is performed by a very high standard of worship. Priests trained as Brahmin worship the deities according to strict spiritual rules. Six aartis are offered to the deities everyday which are Mangala Aarti, Dhoop Aarti, Raj-bhoga Aarti, Usthapana Aarti, Sandhya Aarti and Sayana Arati. In Iskcon Temple festivals of Janmashtami, Ran Navmi, Gauri Purnima, Radhashtami and Govardhana are celebrated auspiciously.

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