Kurma Dwadashi Vrat 2025

Important information

  • Kurma Dwadashi Vrat 202
  • Friday, 10 January 2025
  • Dwadashi Tithi Begins : 10 January 2025 at 10:20 am
  • Dwadashi Tithi Ends : 11 January 2025 at 08:22 am

Kurma Dwadashi is an important Dwadashi day in Hinduism. Kurma Dwadashi is the date of Dwadashi of Shukla Paksha of Paush month. Kurma is a Sanskrit word which in English means tortoise. The day of Kurma Dwadashi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day. In Hinduism, it is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of a tortoise for the churning of the ocean, which is considered to be the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On the day of Kurma Dwadashi, there is a law to worship the turtle incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

It is said to be the most important thing to bring a tortoise in the house on the day of Kurma Dwadashi. It is believed that keeping silver and Ashtadhatu tortoise in the house and shop is very auspicious. Black colored tortoise is also said to be auspicious, it increases the possibility of all kinds of progress in life.

Worship on Kurma Dwadashi

Lord Vishnu is worshiped with full dedication on the day of Kurma Dwadashi. The person observing the fast should wake up at sunrise and take a bath. A small idol of Lord Vishnu and some other idols are kept at the place of worship and fruits, lamps and incense are offered. It is considered auspicious to recite 'Vishnu Sahasranama' and 'Narayan Stotra' on this day.

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