Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 13

tataḥ śhaṅkhāśhcha bheryaśhcha paṇavānaka-gomukhāḥ
sahasaivābhyahanyanta sa śhabdastumulo ’bhavat

Thereafter, conches, kettledrums, bugles, trumpets, and horns suddenly blared forth, and their combined sound was overwhelming.

Word by Word Meaning:

tataḥ - thereafter
śhaṅkhāḥ  -  conches
cha - and
bheryaḥ - bugles
paṇava-ānaka - drums and kettledrums
go-mukhāḥ - trumpets
sahasā - suddenly
eva - indeed
abhyahanyanta - blared forth
saḥ - that
śhabdaḥ - sound
tumulaḥ - overwhelming
abhavat - was


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