Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 7

asmākaṁ tu viśhiṣhṭā ye tānnibodha dwijottama
nāyakā mama sainyasya sanjñārthaṁ tānbravīmi te

O best of Brahmins, hear too about the principal generals on our side, who are especially qualified to lead. These I now recount unto you.

Word by Word Meaning:

asmākam - ours
tu - but
viśhiṣhṭāḥ - special
ye - who
tān - them
nibodha - be informed
dwija-uttama - best of Brahmins
nāyakāḥ - principal generals
mama - our
sainyasya - of army
sanjñā-artham - for information
tān - them
bravīmi - I recount
te - unto you


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