Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 10

aparyāptaṁ tadasmākaṁ balaṁ bhīṣhmābhirakṣhitam
paryāptaṁ tvidameteṣhāṁ balaṁ bhīmābhirakṣhitam

The strength of our army is unlimited and we are safely marshalled by Grandsire Bheeshma, while the strength of the Pandava army, carefully marshalled by Bheem, is limited.

Word by Word Meaning:

aparyāptam - unlimited
tat - that
asmākam - ours
balam - strength
bhīṣhma - by Grandsire Bheeshma
abhirakṣhitam - safely marshalled
paryāptam - limited
tu - but
idam - this
eteṣhām - their
balam - strength
bhīma - Bheem

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