Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 11

ayaneṣhu cha sarveṣhu yathā-bhāgamavasthitāḥ
bhīṣhmamevābhirakṣhantu bhavantaḥ sarva eva hi

Therefore, I call upon all the generals of the Kaurava army now to give full support to Grandsire Bheeshma, even as you defend your respective strategic points.

Word by Word Meaning:

ayaneṣhu - at the strategic points
cha - also
sarveṣhu - all
yathā-bhāgam - in respective position
avasthitāḥ - situated
bhīṣhmam - to Grandsire Bheeshma
eva - only
abhirakṣhantu - defend
bhavantaḥ - you
sarve - all
eva hi - even as


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