Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 39

kathaṁ na jñeyam asmābhiḥ pāpād asmān nivartitum
kula-kṣhaya-kṛitaṁ doṣhaṁ prapaśhyadbhir janārdana

Yet, O Janardan (Krishna), why should we, who can clearly see the crime in killing our kindred, not turn away from this sin?

Word by Word Meaning:

katham - why
na - not
jñeyam - should be known
asmābhiḥ - we
pāpāt - from sin
asmāt - these
nivartitum - to turn away
kula-kṣhaya - killing the kindered
kṛitam - done
doṣham - crime
prapaśhyadbhiḥ - who can see
janārdana - he who looks after the public, Shree Krishna

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