Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 38

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 38

yady apy ete na paśhyanti lobhopahata-chetasaḥ
kula-kṣhaya-kṛitaṁ doṣhaṁ mitra-drohe cha pātakam

 Their thoughts are overpowered by greed and they see no wrong in annihilating their relatives or wreaking treachery upon friends. 

Word by Word Meaning:

yadi api - even though
ete - they
na - not
paśhyanti - see
lobha - greed
upahata - overpowered
chetasaḥ - thoughts
kula-kṣhaya-kṛitam - in annihilating their relatives
doṣham - fault
mitra-drohe - to wreak treachery upon friends
cha - and
pātakam - sin

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