Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 28

avyaktādīni bhūtāni vyakta-madhyāni bhārata
avyakta-nidhanānyeva tatra kā paridevanā

O scion of Bharat, all created beings are unmanifest before birth, manifest in life, and again unmanifest on death. So why grieve?

Word by Word Meaning:

avyakta-ādīni - unmanifest before birth
bhūtāni - created beings
vyakta - manifest
madhyāni - in the middle
bhārata - Arjun, scion of Bharat
avyakta - unmanifest
nidhanāni - on death
eva - indeed
tatra - therefore
- why
paridevanā - grieve

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