Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 49

dūreṇa hy-avaraṁ karma buddhi-yogād dhanañjaya
buddhau śharaṇam anvichchha kṛipaṇāḥ phala-hetavaḥ

Seek refuge in divine knowledge and insight, O Arjun, and discard reward-seeking actions that are certainly inferior to works performed with the intellect established in Divine knowledge. Miserly are those who seek to enjoy the fruits of their works.

Word by Word Meaning:

dūreṇa - (discrad) from far away
hi - certainly
avaram - inferior
karma - reward-seeking actions
buddhi-yogāt - with the intellect established in Divine knowledge
dhanañjaya - Arjun
buddhau - divine knowledge and insight
śharaṇam - refuge
anvichchha - seek
kṛipaṇāḥ - miserly
phala-hetavaḥ - those seeking fruits of their work

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