Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 43

kāmātmānaḥ swarga-parā janma-karma-phala-pradām
kriyā-viśheṣha-bahulāṁ bhogaiśhwarya-gatiṁ prati

They glorify only those portions of the Vedas that please their senses, and perform pompous ritualistic ceremonies for attaining high birth, opulence, sensual enjoyment, and elevation to the heavenly planets.

Word by Word Meaning:

kāma-ātmānaḥ - desirous of sensual pleasure
swarga-parāḥ - aiming to achieve the heavenly planets
janma-karma-phala - high birth and fruitive results
pradāṁ - awarding
kriyā-viśheṣha - pompous ritualistic ceremonies
bahulām - various
bhoga - gratification
aiśhwarya - luxury
gatim - progress
prati - toward


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