Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 36

avāchya-vādānśh cha bahūn vadiṣhyanti tavāhitāḥ
nindantastava sāmarthyaṁ tato duḥkhataraṁ nu kim

Your enemies will defame and humiliate you with unkind words, disparaging your might. Alas, what could be more painful than that?

Word by Word Meaning:

avāchya-vādān - using harsh words
cha - and
bahūn - many
vadiṣhyanti - will say
tava - your
ahitāḥ - enemies 
nindantaḥ - defame
tava - your
sāmarthyam - might
tataḥ - than that
duḥkha-taram - more painful
nu - indeed
kim - what

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