Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 59

viṣhayā vinivartante nirāhārasya dehinaḥ
rasa-varjaṁ raso ’pyasya paraṁ dṛiṣhṭvā nivartate

 Aspirants may restrain the senses from their objects of enjoyment, but the taste for the sense objects remains. However, even this taste ceases for those who realizes the Supreme.

Word by Word Meaning:

viṣhayāḥ - objects for senses
vinivartante - restrain
nirāhārasya - practicing self restraint
dehinaḥ - for the embodied
rasa-varjam - cessation of taste
rasaḥ - taste
api - however
asya - person’s
param - the Supreme
dṛiṣhṭvā - on realization
nivartate - ceases to be

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