Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 5

gurūnahatvā hi mahānubhāvān
śhreyo bhoktuṁ bhaikṣhyamapīha loke
hatvārtha-kāmāṁstu gurūnihaiva
bhuñjīya bhogān rudhira-pradigdhān

 It would be better to live in this world by begging, than to enjoy life by killing these noble elders, who are my teachers. If we kill them, the wealth and pleasures we enjoy will be tainted with blood.

Word by Word Meaning:

gurūn - teachers
ahatvā - not killing
hi - certainly
mahā-anubhāvān - noble elders
śhreyaḥ - better
bhoktum - to enjoy life
bhaikṣhyam - by begging
api - even
iha loke - in this world
hatvā - killing
artha - gain
kāmān - desiring
tu - but
gurūn - noble elders
iha - in this world
eva - certainly
bhuñjīya - enjoy
bhogān - pleasures
rudhira - blood
pradigdhān - tainted with


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