Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 29

āśhcharya-vat paśhyati kaśhchid enan
āśhcharya-vad vadati tathaiva chānyaḥ
āśhcharya-vach chainam anyaḥ śhṛiṇoti
śhrutvāpyenaṁ veda na chaiva kaśhchit

 Some see the soul as amazing, some describe it as amazing, and some hear of the soul as amazing, while others, even on hearing, cannot understand it at all.

Word by Word Meaning:

āśhcharya-vat - as amazing
paśhyati - see
kaśhchit - someone
enam - this soul
āśhcharya-vat - as amazing
vadati - speak of
tathā - thus
eva - indeed
anyaḥ - other
āśhcharya-vat - similarly amazing
cha - also
enam - this soul
anyaḥ - others
śhṛiṇoti - hear
śhrutvā - having heard
api - even
enam - this soul
veda - understand
na - not
cha - and
eva - even
kaśhchit - some


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