Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 6

na chaitadvidmaḥ kataranno garīyo
yadvā jayema yadi vā no jayeyuḥ
yāneva hatvā na jijīviṣhāmas
te ’vasthitāḥ pramukhe dhārtarāṣhṭrāḥ

We do not even know which result of this war is preferable for us—conquering them or being conquered by them. Even after killing them we will not desire to live. Yet they have taken the side of Dhritarasthra, and now stand before us on the battlefield.

Word by Word Meaning:

na - not
cha - and
etat - this
vidmaḥ - we know 
katarat - which
naḥ - for us
garīyaḥ - is preferable
yat vā - whether
jayema - we may conquer
yadi - if
- or
naḥ - us
jayeyuḥ - they may conquer
yān - whom
eva - certainly
hatvā - after killing
na - not
jijīviṣhāmaḥ - we desire to live
te - they
avasthitāḥ - are standing
pramukhe - before us
dhārtarāṣhṭrāḥ - the sons of Dhritarashtra


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