Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 46

yāvān artha udapāne sarvataḥ samplutodake
tāvānsarveṣhu vedeṣhu brāhmaṇasya vijānataḥ

Whatever purpose is served by a small well of water is naturally served in all respects by a large lake. Similarly, one who realizes the Absolute Truth also fulfills the purpose of all the Vedas.

Word by Word Meaning:

yāvān - whatever 
arthaḥ - purpose
uda-pāne - a well of water
sarvataḥ - in all respects
sampluta-udake - by a large lake
tāvān - that many
sarveṣhu - in all
vedeṣhu - Vedas
brāhmaṇasya - one who realizes the Absolute Truth
vijānataḥ - who is in complete knowledge

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